Our firm is honored to be part of  a nationwide initiative to raise student awareness about the dangers of distracted driving.  This past Tuesday, May 22, 2012, attorneys John Feroleto, Paul Becker and I had the opportunity to meet with students and give a presentation at Lafayette highschool here in Buffalo, NY.  The students were a lot fun and engaged, but more importantly gearing up for their prom.  What struck me most, and what I learned from the students was their concern about their parents driving habits.  We all too often think that distracted driving is limited to being a “teen problem.”  Not so.  These students have seen their parents use their cell phones while driving all too often.  Luckily, the students we met with knew that this was dangerous behavior.

Distracted driving is the cause of more than 5,500 deaths per year; just under 100 deaths per week.  Let’s not become part of this statistic.  Please, don’t drive distracted.  Let’s all educate our friends, parents, and teens about how to be safer drivers.  For more information regarding the distracted driving program we are part of please see the end distracted driving website.
Special thanks to Mr. Roberto Petrilli at Lafayette High School for inviting us to come speak at Lafayette High School.  When it comes to keeping children/teens safe we are all in this together.


Attorney John Feroleto

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