Drowning. A Silent Event.

Even the most vigilant parent may not recognize the signs of drowning because we are only familiar with how television shows depict a drowning person.  A drowning person does not splash around, wave their hands and call for help.  Drowning is a silent event.  Because it is such a silent event the information in this article is critical.  “Drowning Dosen’t Look Like Drowning” by Mario Vittone discusses the Instinctive Drowning Response.  The information in the article is contrary to what most of us understand about drowning, making it an important read for everyone.

The Instinctive Drowning Response is how people respond when they are in a drowning or near drowning situation.  Some of these responses include:

  • Being unable to call for help and
  • Unable to waive for help (this is because our instincts kick in and cause us to push down on the water)

Please read the full article for more Instinctive Drowning Responses and what to look out our for when out in and around the water with friends and family.  This information is important and this knowledge will likely help save many lives.