You may know Pokeman Go, a free location based game designed for cell phone devices, which was released in July 2016. In the game the player uses GPS technology in cell phones to capture Pokemon. Did you know some people are playing the game while trying to drive? Many people are supportive of this game as it gets users out of their house to local landmarks and other locations in the area. However, driving a vehicle while playing this game has proved to be very dangerous.

Recently in Baltimore, a Police Officer was wearing a body camera and captured video of a distracted driver who crashed into a police car while playing the game. As you can see in the video, the officers were not sitting in their patrol car and luckily were not injured. After the driver crashed into the parked police car he told the police he was playing the game. Click here for link of video.

In Quebec City, Canada, two police officers were injured when a vehicle crashed into their cruiser in a parking lot. The driver apologized and told officers that he was playing Pokemon Go.

Also, in Washington State a vehicle stopped, waiting to make a left hand turn, was rear ended by another distracted driver who admitted to be playing the game. Click to read story

In Buffalo, New York you may see plenty of people at places such as at the Elmwood/Bidwill area, Delaware Park, Canalside, etc. looking at their phones while walking. However, playing while driving is dangerous and may lead to personal injuries to other drivers and pedestrians. In New York State it is illegal to play games while driving a motor vehicle. In Ontario, Canda, it is also illegal and drivers could face a fine, demerit points, and if a novice driver, a license suspension. Even when there is no personal injury involved, playing the game while driving can be costly. Please remind those around you to say no to distracted driving.

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