Researchers investigating radiation from cell phones disagree on whether cell phones are a potential carcinogen, however there is a growing body of research which is raising concern. Some safety precautions are discussed below.

Personal injury attorneys have seen many products with delayed onset injuries. Examples include asbestos, which now can accurately be attributed to causing a very specific type of lung cancer, mesothelioma, decades after exposure. Manufacturers, since the 1930s knew of the cancer-causing effect, but hid the information from the public and workers.

Likewise, delayed onset of cancer, caused by cigarette smoking is now widely accepted in the medical community.

With cell phones, the concern is the continual, consistent exposure to radio frequency(RF) waves close to the user’s head and body. The frequency of cell phones waves falls between those emitted by FM radios and microwave ovens, all considered to be “non-ionizing” forms of radiation. But unlike radios and microwaves, cell phones tend to be kept much closer to the body

In May,2015, 190. independent scientists from 39 countries, who have extensively written on the topic requested the United Nations, the World Health Organization (WHO) to develop tighter controls on cell phone radiation.

We are not suggesting you stop using your cell phone, however,  provide this information as it is worthy of discussion.

Michael Hansen, PhD, senior scientist at Consumer Reports states “evidence so far doesn’t prove that cell phones cause cancer” but “we do need more and better research.” He suggest common sense precautions. Simple safety measures include:

1. Trying to keep your phone away from your head and body;

2. Text or video call, if feasible;

3. Uses a speaker phone, or headset

4. Try not to keep your phone in your pocket;

5. If using your phone as an alarm, keep it a distance away from you.

Hopefully, the radiation is insufficient to cause future injury, but a bit of simple precaution makes sense.


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