O.K. So this is not about “personal injury” per se. But this class action speaks to my roots and heart. As a former farmer, both vegetables and dairy, John Deere tractors were a coveted piece of equipment, and I praise all the men and women involved in building these machines. Every time I got to drive a John Deere tractor I felt especially proud. It has been reported that, “employees (of Deere & Co.) bled green, or had green blood.” I am in the same boat as far as my passion for the equipment goes.

The Quad- City Times has reported a class action against Deere & Co. of about 5,000 retirees.

It is reported that employees of Deere & Co. chose to work there not only for the supportive/family environment but also for the “promise” of life time health benefits for their husbands or wives after retirement.

This is all changing, hence the class action. It is reported that the new health plan is a decrease in benefits that violate ERISA. A decrease in benefits they were promised.

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