Are the insurance companies for your no-fault cases hurting your business because they will not pay for the necessary and valuable services that you provide to your patients? I can assist you in this area. As an attorney in Buffalo having represented clients in no-fault cases for many years, I can help you recoup payment for the services you provide for your clients which will benefit not only you but most importantly your patients.

Whether it is dealing with insurance companies directly, through arbitration, or settlement I can assist your practice. I have the extensive knowledge and understanding of how the no-fault system works. I will be glad to assist you in any way I can in receiving payment from those companies that refuse to pay. I have worked closely with doctors and patients for many years in this regard.

Dealing with no-fault carriers is a constant battle which can be won only through persistence and experience. Please call me at your convenience so that I can help you obtain payment in the fastest way possible when the carriers refuse to pay. Of course, I am also happy to assist you and your clients with their liability case.

Please contact my firm to introduce yourself with regard to these issues or any other concerns you may have. I look forward to helping you and your clients obtain the services they deserve.

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