texas-construction2We recently wrote a blog entry about NYS Scaffold law and the importance of it.  Attorney John Feroleto also appeared on the Capitol Pressroom to discuss this law and why it is important and must remain on the books.  Not all States have safeguards for workers, especially construction workers.

NPR reported this morning that, according to a WDT-UT study,  more construction workers die in Texas as compared to any other State.  The study also found that 1 out of every 5 construction workers in Texas will be hospitalized because of injuries that occur on the job.

Death and injuries on the construction job can be attributed to workers being provided no safety protection.

This writer would go as far as to say: with this sort of injury rate and death rate, Texas construction is being built on the blood of workers, making profit king and worker’s right secondary over profit.   This practice must end and as consumers and citizens we have a voice.


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