Toy recall!  “Be Amazing!” has announced a recall of its Monster Science Growing Spiders.  The small beads can be mistaken for candy by children and ingested.  Once ingested the beads can expand, causing intestinal obstructions.  These toys do not show up on x-rays and require surgery to be removed.

As a personal injury attorney practicing in Buffalo, NY I am extremely concerned about the safety of children’s toys.  Children are among our most vulnerable and we have a duty to protect them.  Not all products put on the market are safe for our little ones.  The product discussed above frightens me because a lot of times a child will swallow something it is not supposed to but have it pass through its body.  This product expands inside a child’s body and by not showing on an x-ray can cause a delay in treatment.

For more information about this product, please visit the CPSC website here.

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