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Are Uber Self Driving Taxis headed To Buffalo and Western New York?

There are strong feelings, for and against Uber, and for and against self driving vehicles. Uber is a step closer to Buffalo as it will begin testing driverless vehicles in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This is significant because unlike San Francisco and Phoenix, where driverless vehicles have been tested extensively, Pittsburgh... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Drivers Playing Pokemon Go While Driving

You may know Pokeman Go, a free location based game designed for cell phone devices, which was released in July 2016. In the game the player uses GPS technology in cell phones to capture Pokemon. Did you know some people are playing the game while trying to drive? Many people are supportive of this game as it gets users out of their house to local landmarks and other locations in the area. Howeve... CONTINUE READING

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716 Unity Bike Ride

716 Unity Bike Ride Sometimes we roll together – and it is good. Several hundred participated in a bicycle ride for unity Saturday. Ulysees Wingo and Joel Feroleto wanted to give members of Western New York a way to support community unity. Joel Feroleto represents much of North Buffalo and the West Side, and Uly... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Join Us At The Buffalo Unity Bicycle Ride

Feroleto Law attorney, Joel Feroleto, with other elected officials and community leaders, is sponsoring Buffalo’s first annual “716 Unity Ride”. The purpose of the ride is to highlight the good in Buffalo and be an example of Buffalo residents’ solidarity. The bicycle ride will take place at noon, tomorrow,... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

Take Extra Caution Near Bicycles, Motorcycles

Please take extra caution to watch for bicyclists. There have been numerous bicycle accidents in the Buffalo area and southern Ontario in recent weeks. As a personal injury attorney I see how an instantaneous distraction often causes serious personal injury. Last Friday, a bicyclist was run over by a pickup truck turning right into a driveway on Niagara Falls Blvd., Tonawanda, NY, north of the Yo... CONTINUE READING

Buffalo, NY Lawyer

5 Tips to Remember if you are Involved in a Car Accident

Nobody wants to be involved in a car accident. It’s stressful and sometimes results in serious injuries that can greatly affect your life. However, if you are involved in a car accident, here are five quick tips to keep in mind that will make it easier to deal with the consequences of your accident: #1.) If at all possible, take pictures of the damage to both vehicles and get a police acciden... CONTINUE READING

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Bus Crashes in New York State Must be Reduced

Bus crashes in New York keep happening at an alarming rate. As a personal injury attorney I see the same preventable losses occurring again and again. The scene was chaotic and confusing on Interstate 81 in New York near the Onondaga nationNedrow exit when first responders arrived . The Onondaga Sheriffs Department indicated a drunken driver left his car on I 81. A Trailways tour bus collided with... CONTINUE READING

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Takata Airbags, Dangerous Ignition Switches Injuries Shouldn’t Be Hidden

Honda Motor admitted it failed to report over 1,700 injury or death claims involving its cars in the United States. The admission reflects both widespread secrecy agreements demanded by defendants in injury cases and the inability of the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration(NHSTA) to monitor big manufacturers. Honda admitted this as a result of information disclosed by the invest... CONTINUE READING

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What To Do After a New York Truck Accident

Contact the police and get medical care. If you didn’t call the police at the scene of a New York accident call the local police department or the New York State Troopers to report the truck accident.  Call your doctor or seek medical care.  Significant injuries often appear minor early on but get worse over time.  You should report any minor pain or aching, tigh... CONTINUE READING

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