Bystanders pull trucker away from wreck

WNY_man_killed_in_tanker_rollover_1164580000_20130708232832_320_240A tanker truck rolled over on Interstate 490 ramp falling onto an Interstate 590 ramp in Brighton, New York, east of Rochester yesterday afternoon. Tanker trucks are notorious for shifting content, making them prone to rollovers or other loss of control.

The driver of the tanker, from Wyoming lost control, and the rig rolled over a concrete barrier from an Interstate 490 ramp onto the northbound lanes of Interstate 590. A Batavia man driving a box truck could not avoid the event. Unfortunately, even the safest of drivers can be hurt through with out fault of their own.

Debris spaned approximately 1000 feet of the highway’s northbound lanes and snarled traffic for good part of the day. Quick acting bystanders pulled a trucker away from the wreck. Today traffic has return to normal. Trucks can be deadly, tankers even more so, the driving dynamics are very different than a car. Thorough training, caution and respect for the vehicle is always essential.