We have talked before about dangerous charter bus companies. A large number of charter or tour buses travel through Western New York, in upstate New York, on the New York State Thruway, or on our other roadways. Many tour and travel buses charter through Erie County, Chautauqua County, Genesee County, Monroe County and other counties, which host the New York State Thruway. Charters from Ontario, Canada frequently travel over the Peace Bridge into Buffalo, New York and travel to their destination. As injury attorneys who handle bus crashes and truck crashes we are contacted by passengers who need help dealing with insurance companies after a crash.

Monday, a bus driver plowed through an intersection in Queens New York, rear ending a New York City bus, causing the death and injury of many. The driver was traveling about 58 mph. He was arrested for driving under the influence in April 2015, after he fled from an Interstate 95 crash. He was sentenced to 18 months of probation and a license suspension.

After getting his license back he began driving for the Dahlia Group, a charter bus company with a checkered record. Now, political officials are stating they seek ways to prevent future crashes. Also, The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash.

Feroleto Law is called on to assist bus passengers by the passengers themselves, members of their families, or other attorneys. When there is a bus accident, attorney John Feroleto recommends contacting a lawyer immediately. There are several reasons for this. The bus company likely has its own investigators and accident re-constructionists trying to establish ways to deny or minimize responsibility. In bus and truck accident cases the companies often have what they refer to as an “autopsy team”. The team is made up of re-constructionists, lawyers, and insurance individuals who head to the crash location to get an advantage over the individuals injured.

When you, or a loved one, get on a bus such as a tour bus or other type of bus, your safety is placed in the hands of the bus company. Your safety is not in your control any longer. Bus companies should diligently seek safe, responsible drivers and manage companies in a way that drivers are held accountable for safe operation of the commercial vehicle. Unfortunately, many companies hire marginal drivers for variable pay and do not have the safety of the passengers or public as their top priority.

In Monday’s crash the charter bus was owned by the Dahlia Group. The company charters to take passengers to casinos including the Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut. A bus going to the Mohegan Sun casino skidded off the interstate and overturned last year. In 2013, one of the Dahlia buses skidded off the New Jersey Garden State Parkway injuring many and killing two.

Representing an individual in a bus crash is complicated, whether the person is in the bus or in a car struck by a bus. Electronic data is stored on most buses. The information needs to be downloaded before it is lost. Further investigation is typically needed. Often, there is more than one insurance company to deal with. Insurance coverage may not be apparent.

When you or a family member are confronted with a bus crash or truck accident you should talk with a bus accident or truck accident attorney such as the attorneys at Feroleto Law, or other experienced bus or truck accident attorneys. Bus accidents and truck crashes are not the same as car crashes. Different force is applied, there are extensive safety regulations which apply, and commercial vehicles have mechanical systems that cars are not equipped with. An experienced bus or truck crash attorney will be familiar with the safety regulations of the federal motor carrier safety administration, and will also be familiar with the right experts to review and investigate your case.

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