Attention Hunters: Tree stand Recall

With regular deer season opening in a few weeks, November 17th, 2012 the hunter in your family may be in the market for a new tree stand.  While tree stands provide an excellent view and vantage point for shooting, they are dangerous.  The CPSC recently announced the recall of Rivers Edge Tree Stands.  The snap hook assemblies on this brand can fail causing the tree stand and hunter to fall to the ground.

If you own one of these tree stands, stop using it immediately and contact Rivers Edge Tree Stands, Inc. for replacement parts.  They can be reached at (866) 527-9690.  As a personal injury attorney I am always concerned when a dangerous product gets put on the market allowing unsuspecting people to buy and use the products.  Hunting, while a satisfying sport, is dangerous.  In an ideal world hunters should be concerned about where their rifles are pointed and not whether their tree stand will collapse under them.  Even if your tree stand has not been recalled, always wear a harness.  It will not interfere with your shot when worn properly and will potentially save your life.