As a truck accident attorney I see too many horrific truck accidents and car accidents. Lately there have been a rash of them on I-90 and nearby roads, such as route 219. A few safety tips for those traveling for the holidays.

Be aware of the potential for black ice.

Give other vehicles plenty of space.

It is OK to pass trucks, but don’t stay along side of them for long periods.

When passing a truck , pull ahead until You can see it’s headlights in your rear view mirror before You move back into the truck’s lane.

TRUCKS HAVE BLIND SPOTS. Don’t assume a truck driver can see You.

Following too closely, it impairs Your ability to see ahead. Seeing ahead is key to preventing a tragedy.

If You are in a car or truck crash, get everyone out of harms way. Often the worse injuries are caused by second collisions or pileups.

Of course, talking and texting are distracted driving. Be safe.

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