3 truck crashes on update New York Thruway

As a New York truck accident attorney, I am keenly aware of hazards on the New York State Thruway.

Some states do not have tolls, hence no toll collectors. Here, we do and the workers are subject to adverse conditions most of us don’t think about. Start with inhaling carcinogenic fumes every workday. Cramped quarters offering little room to move for extended periods, discourteous drivers, drivers entering the booths at reckless speeds.

The fact is many thruway accident occurs at toll booths.

Three serious accidents occurred in less than 24 hours in the Western New York section of the New York State Thruway Thursday and Friday.

One was a seven car pileup involving a Canadian truck driver. Another Canadian driver bobtailing ( a trucking term for driving without pulling a trailer) left the pavement and the tractor rolled over.

Some tractor cabs are of poor design, which may increse or inhance injury to the driver.

The third big rig crashed into the Lackawanna toll booth shown above. Please be careful and give big rigs plenty of space.