Whether you are a truck driver or share the road with them, you should be aware of a recent FMCSA study. Truck and tractor trailer drivers account for 13% of all fatal occupational injuries.   87% of truck crashes involve truck driver error.

To the extent you can manage space while on the road you can make your trip safer. As a truck accident attorney, I see too many cases where insufficient  space leaves insufficient reaction time.

Chad Hoppenjan,, director of safety services at Cottingham and Butler, insurance broker in Dubuque Iowa, estimates 10 to 25% or more of preventable accidents are caused by drivers who are asleep, have sleep apnea or are not physically fit. Following too closely, speeding, failing to timely react to traffic changes are also major causes of wrecks.

Bad brakes are a common mechanical issue leading to accidents.

Don’t assume a truck can stop as quickly as you can, don’t assume truck driver can see you, there are blind spots give big rigs plenty of space, when there’s an emergency the extra space can provide precious extra seconds to prevent a crash. If you are traveling over the holidays best wishes and be safe.

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