As a product liability attorney I am always concerned when unsafe childrens’ toys make it to the marketplace.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission today reported that Little Tikes is recalling 1.7 million workshop and tool set toys due to a choking hazard.  The recall is an expansion of a 2009 recall of about 1.6 million workshop sets and trucks with the same toy nails. The new recall involves an additional 11 models.                  Picture of Workshop                                                                      Picture of plastic toy nails

Some children have choked on a toy nail that comes with the product. The product was sold over a 15 year period. There are many different types of sets that are included. Please click on the link above for a description and photo of the different types subject to the recall. This is yet another example of a children’s product that appears to be inadequately tested before reaching store shelves. Please contact our firm if you or your family has been injured by this product.